Sunday, October 30, 2011


Peter and Mary Jane (Watson!) Parker. From "Amazing Spider-Man" #311 (pencils by Todd McFarlane). No, it's not a Halloween issue. They just went out dancing like that. It was a normal thing for them at the time. Why, here's how they dressed just a couple issues earlier:

The Parkers were a fashion challenged family for quite a long time. I'm no expert, but just look at this. Who knows, I might milk this topic some more in future posts.

Happy Halloween! (and see ya again in a couple of days!)


  1. I like this one, the fashion in the old Spidey stuff has always bothered me. I enjoyed reading the old Sinister Six stuff recently but I couldn't but think "what the fuck is everyone wearing?"
    Also, Aunt May was retarded in those days.

  2. I'm a huge fan of the Larsen era Sinister Six. Incidentally, it was some of the earliest comics I bought. Revenge of the Sinister Six was good too. And yes, the fashion is crazy in those issues (as well as the McFarlane ones)! I'm considering making "comicbook fashion" a feature here. The Larsen and McFarlane Spidey stuff would sure show up a lot. X-Men had a lot of offenders too. I got a lot of material for that ready.
    Yeah, May looked older than ever in that era and she was a bit... strange.
    Ha, I remember that Deadpool issue! It was one of the best issues in the series.