Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'm sure everybody's been wondering why I don't post! Losing sleep over it and checking the site each and every day. That's exactly the situation, right?

Anyway, the fact is I DO post, but not here. Right after my April post, me and my good friend from the Put It In Your Eye blog decided to join forces and create something good together, so we thought and thought and finally came up with all sorts of ideas. I spend a lot of time in April building a new blog/magazine type of site and it's been recently launched (on May 12th). The site is called TRASH MUTANT (click!) and we're pretty damn proud of it. Since it's launch we were joined by a third writer, The Rajun Cajun (another old buddy) and we're all constantly writing and updating the site. Please check it out, you will find 2 new articles by me right there on the site and plenty of cool stuff that I hope you will like. So remember, check out! You won't be disappointed.

Go to !

While a lot of my writing will automatically go on Trash Mutant, this site will continue to exist. For all the stuff that's more personal (for instance, my leg has been aching for over a month now!), stupid, and beautiful and universally acclaimed like the Wolverine Auditions feature! So fear not! This site still exists and there's a new, pretty and fuckin awesome site to boot. More ME on the internet! Follow both!


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